Jess Klein

Yoga & Fitness Teacher/Mentor

Jessica Klein is a passionate wellness instructor with over sixteen years of yoga practice.  She was an English major in college, at Montclair State University.  In 2009, she decided to study to become a certified yoga teacher.  She has her advanced teaching certificate and is recognized by the National Yoga Alliance.  She owns a yoga business called, Sunshine Yoga Life, where she trains students to become future teachers.

In high school, she spent a lot of time playing music.  She was the drum major of the marching band and participated in band, orchestra, and choir.  She traveled around Europe two times with two music groups; singing with the New Jersey Children’s Choir in middle school and performing with American Music Abroad in high school.

Jessica loves to be active and enjoys running, biking, playing soccer, tennis, and taking (as well as teaching) hot yoga.  She believes that yoga is for everybody.  If you can breathe you can do yoga because it is much more than just making shapes with your body.  Yoga is awakening to who we are, it is a lifestyle and a state of mind.  She loves to incorporate music and other creative venues in her classes, while pouring her love into every student.