Elizabeth Walsh


Elizabeth Walsh is our music teacher here at Fusion Academy.
She graduated from Vassar College with a bachelor’s degree in music, where she received the ASCAP Foundation Raymond Hubbell Award for young composers. Elizabeth earned her master’s degree in music theory and composition at Montclair State University.
Elizabeth studied composition with Annea Lockwood, Dean Drummond, and Grammy Award-winner Robert Aldridge. While at Montclair State, she performed on and wrote for the Harry Partch Instrumentarium, a collection of instruments created by the composer for his unique microtonal music. She has a great love for improvised music, performing with the all-improv trio Headbrain.
Elizabeth worked in radio for nearly two decades, where she was a writer, producer, and on-air talent. From 2002 to 2009, she produced and co-hosted SiriusXM’s The Open Road Café” (later “The Loading Dock”), a morning news/talk show for truck drivers.
Her goal as a teacher is to inspire students to express themselves through music, and to start them on a creative journey that will enhance their lives.