Masha Jones

Special Education Lead

Masha Jones is the Special Education Lead for Fusion Academy Mission Viejo. She earned a her BA in linguistics at UC San Diego and began teaching in at a private English Language school for adult immigrants. After teaching for few years, Masha was inspired to discover more about learning and psychology. She began her PhD at UC Irvine in 2014, studying children and adolescents with learning and attention disorders. 

At UC Irvine Masha, has earned her MA in education, conducted clinical psychology research, published her work in top academic journals, and presented her findings at national and international conferences. She brings her knowledge to life by ensuring that Fusion Academy Mission Viejo is appropriately serving students with disabilities, supporting families, and assisting the teachers and leadership team in delivering a successful social, emotional, and academic experience.  

 When Masha isn’t at Fusion or conducting research, you might find her cycling somewhere around Orange County. An avid triathlete, Masha completed the full Ironman distance in May, 2018. She also enjoys playing the cello and watching TV with her puppy.