Wilmer Bataclan

Match & Science Teacher/Mentor

Wilmer Bataclan earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics, with a minor in Liberal Studies, from the University of La Verne. Although his emphasis is in math, he actually had an aversion to the subject when he was in elementary and middle school. Once he took Algebra in the 8th grade, his math teacher at that time was very supportive and showed him the aspects of how math is used in the real world. Because of this, Wilmer tries to make math relevant to his students to improve their experiences with math, too.

Wilmer is a Los Angeles native, who appreciates the diversity of cultures and food choices the city provides and enjoys sightseeing and exploring new places with his friends. Wilmer's other hobbies include playing video games. He is an avid Pokémon player and plays competitively.