Nick Cullen

Math/Science Teacher

Prior to joining Fusion, Nick Cullen spent over ten years tutoring and teaching in Seattle and Los Angeles.  He attended the University of California in Irvine, and earned his bachelor’s degree in Film and Media with the intention of becoming a filmmaker. Nick discovered his passion for working with kids when he started teaching guitar lessons while at college. He was hired at an SAT tutoring academy shortly after college and soon found himself working with students of nearly every grade level on a variety of subjects. In addition to preparing students for the myriad standardized tests, Nick has helped guide students through the college application process. With this foundation, he moved on to teaching at a private school for high profile students, covering everything from Algebra 2 and U.S. Government, to Drawing and Screenwriting. In his free time, Nick enjoys listening to music, playing guitar, and going on camping trips with his girlfriend. He hopes one day to integrate his passions for education, music, and film to create educational and fun entertainment for kids.