Nate Lawrence

Digital Arts Teacher

Nate is a film, digital media, and humanities teacher at Fusion. He started his journey in education volunteering for various athletic and academic organizations in his home state of Massachusetts when he was in high school. Nate attended Ithaca College’s Park School of Communications, receiving a B.S. in Cinema & Photography and gaining many collaborators that he works with today. Like many young filmmakers before him, he moved out to Los Angeles upon graduation and worked on countless feature film and commercial sets, gaining professional experience and growing his love for the process. Looking for a rewarding way to give back to his new community, he decided to combine his passion for filmmaking with his love for teaching in a position at a non-profit education company. He ran the Media Arts Department there for three years before finding the wonderful opportunity here at Fusion.

Nate is an energetic and positive individual who believes that every student has a voice that is yearning to be expressed, and he wishes to give students this outlet in the form of media: film, photography, writing, and beyond! On the weekends, you can catch him snapping photos on a scenic hike or making short films with his friends.