Max Mosher

English and History Teacher/Mentor

Max was born in San Francisco and grew up here in Marin. He went to Redwood High School, where his passion for the arts blossomed: acting, filmmaking, music, poetry, and playwriting are all arts he has engaged in at various times.

Max’s passion for creative expression brought him to Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY, where continued to grow as a scholar. Max majored in South Asian Studies, graduating with a BA in 2012.

Max’s interest in Indic religious such as Hinduism and Buddhism brought him to India first in 2011, when he lived in Varanasi, the most ancient continuously inhabited city in the world. In Varanasi, Max began learning the Hindi language. He also studied classical Hindustani sitar, learning the ragas Jhinjhoti and Bhageshwari. Max became the chela of an old Bengali sadhu named Shambhu, and wrote about his experience living and meditating with Hindu holymen in his ethnographic treatise “Already God: the Spirit behind the Saffron.”

After Max returned from India and finished his baccalaureate, he attended the national Rainbow Gathering in Washington, an experience that became the topic of his master’s thesis. “Of Hippies and Holymen” examined the assimilation of Hinduism and Buddhism into the western counterculture. Max completed his M.A. at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he received language fellowships for the study of Hindi and Urdu. Max also studied Sanskrit and was a teaching assistant for “The Modern History of India”, “Structures of Muslim Societies,” and “The Thought of Gandhi”.

Max returned to India after completing his M.A. to take part in an intensive Hindi language immersion program in Jaipur. In Jaipur he completed a Whorfian analysis of idiomatic expressions in Hindi. Max also honed his cooking skills at this time, and will make you a wide variety of pulaos, curries, and biryanis if you ask him nicely.

After a stint at Lindamood Bell, where Max picked up some reading specialist skills, Max enrolled in Dominican University’s M.S. and teaching credential program for Single Subject Social Sciences. He is currently working on his M.S. thesis.

Max has a wide variety of interests, and is excited to be teaching at Fusion, not least because Fusion affords him the opportunity to bring his interests into the classroom. Here is a list of some of the awesome classes Max would like to have with you:

The Legendarium of J.R. Tolkien, The History of Hinduism, The History of the Blues, Blues Guitar, Classical Hindustani Sitar, Dungeons & Dragons and Ethical Thought, Science Fiction Literature, Hindi Language—or anything else you can think of!