Luiza Eaves


Luiza Eaves joined the Fusion Family through the Malvern campus at first in September 2018. Even though she heard of Fusion for the first time during the summer she was immediately inspired by its unique way of teaching and helping students to find a place of their own in which they could fully develop their passions, hopes and dreams. This is why she was so excited when she learned that she could transition to the Bay Area campuses of Walnut Creek and Marin where she could be of service to a greater number of aspiring students

Before becoming part of the Fusion Academy family, Luiza earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley as well as a Master’s and a PhD from Stanford University in the department of Languages and Cultures. She had the opportunity to teach for the first time during the completion of her PhD at Stanford and since then she developed a passion for sharing her knowledge about the intricacies of French language and culture with her students. She was very excited to discover that there was a school like Fusion that gave the opportunity for teachers to be truly involved with their students with its inspiring one to one teaching style.

During her spare time, Luiza enjoys discovering new places, reading books and caring about her family. Wacky facts about Luiza : she speaks five different languages, she is an accomplished ballroom dancer, she jumped from a 35 foot cliff in Jamaica and once she even raced with a policeman on highway 880!