Dale Heffernan


Starting out at Palomar College, Dale intended to study geology until the fateful day that he enrolled in Offhand Glassblowing as an elective course. A week later he was an art major, going on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Applied Design from San Diego State University. Dale worked as a professional artist for about 30 years, eventually opening his own glass studio, before he decided to pursue one of his earliest aspirations by becoming a teacher.  After obtaining teaching credentials in math and science he enrolled at Dominican University of California and obtained both a teaching credential and a master’s degree in Special Education.

Dale joined the Fusion team to teach Math and Science.  Before coming to Fusion he taught for ten years in the public school system, working with students ranging from 6th to 12th grades and teaching a host of math, science and art classes, but it is at Fusion where Dale has finally found his home.

Dale is an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys riding his bicycle to work every day, rain or shine. He and his son have gone on several long cycling tours in recent summers, including a coast to coast trip and riding from Canada to Mexico. The rumor is that he just got a new pair of hiking boots and is planning to hike the John Muir Trail with friends just as soon as they can get a wilderness permit.

When he is not planning his next adventure Dale enjoys cooking. Except for a time or two on one of his bicycle odysseys, Dale has not bought a loaf of bread in years.  His specialty is sourdough bread and he often delights his colleagues by baking an extra loaf to bring in for all to enjoy.