Matthew Perlmutter

Math & Science Teacher/ Mentor

Matt was born and raised on Long Island and graduated from his hometown’s public high school after spending 1st through 9th grade at a small, specialized private school rooted in the belief that, when it comes to education, one size certainly does not fit all. Despite beginning his undergraduate studies at Brown University with the declared intention of pursuing a degree in Theatre Arts, Matt shifted gears during sophomore year and graduated with a BA in Chemistry. Naturally.

Yet his passion for entertainment, writing, and performance persisted, so following graduation, he decided to explore the entertainment industry to see if he could flourish professionally in a field that meant so much to him. As showbiz hopefuls have done for decades, he relocated to Los Angeles and spent two years working 16-hour days for an impossibly busy Motion Picture Literary agent at one of Hollywood’s premier talent agencies. After concluding that show business is not, by any means, a meritocracy, Matt moved back to New York and applied to medical school, matriculating at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons. At med school, he worked harder and struggled more profoundly than ever before but finally realized, after completing three years of grueling medical training, that he could not envision fulfillment or belonging in the modern medical profession. Somewhat heartbroken, he decided to withdraw from the MD program, in order to give himself a chance at establishing a career and a life that he actually wanted.

While working as a private tutor for middle school, high school, and college students, Matt discovered how much he enjoys explaining complex mathematical and scientific ideas in the simplest possible terms, particularly for students who tend to struggle with those subjects… and so he is thrilled to be at Fusion Academy, getting to do just that!