Marie Baihi

Math & French Teacher/Mentor

Marie was born in France and arrived recently in New York City, with her husband Abdelaziz. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at the University of Paris 5 and succeeded in the ''Math CAPES'' exam, which is the teaching recruitment by competitive examination in France (middle school and high school level). She finished her studies with a Master's Degree in Careers in Teaching Mathematics, in Education and Training (MEEF in France). Marie also taught Mathematics one year in a classroom environment with underserved students in violence areas. Although she really liked her mission, she was frustrated not having the possibilty to spend more time helping some of her students. She moved in New York to follow her husband who found a job in the city.

Marie was missing teaching and after some months of tutoring in a Math Center she found what she was looking for: a school in which she would have the time to take care of each student ! Marie is very thankful for having the opportunity to teach in the United States. She trully likes the one-on-one instruction. She also loves teaching her language and talking about France. She cannot wait to learn more about our culture through her students and to share hers.

Outside of teaching, Marie loves to dance, to read and to write. She also has been passionated about Asia for years. Recently she discovered a new passion : she really like to bake. She is planning to become pastry-certified (French p√Ętisserie).