Lauren Tang Spear

Mandarin & Chinese Teacher/Mentor

A multicultural life enthusiast, Lauren Tang Spear brings about positive energy wherever she goes. Born in San Francisco and raised in Beijing, this natural born leader, educator and entertainer attended both Chinese and International Schools growing up, went on to continue her education at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada where she received a TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Certificate with Practicum alongside a Bachelor of Arts double major in Theatre and Asian Language & Culture. After returning to Beijing she worked at MSB (Montessori School of Beijing) and received a TCFL (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) Certificate from BLCU (Beijing Language and Culture University).
A true multi-potentialite and a mentor of many talents, she is not only a skilled teacher, but has years of experience working in hospitality in event management, guest relations, sales and marketing and outside of Fusion has worked as a model, brand ambassador and voice over talent.

“It is necessary to identify the importance of movement to connect with oneself.” An advocator for movement, Lauren loves practicing martial arts and dancing for self-expression. She can also be found cooking and enjoying delicious cuisine, traveling from one continent to the next, and collecting sea shells from beach to beach.

Lauren has a passion for guiding others to discover their best self through self-love and empowerment. Her open and charismatic persona make her a captivating teacher of progressive and positive social thinking and perspective taking (Community Minds), alongside Wellness and Life Skills, while her personal background and knowledge of Chinese Language and Culture fosters in students a love for language learning at Fusion.

From a young age to her journey in New York, she has helped establish confidence, inspiration and scholars in children and adults alike, always teaching the phrase “Don’t worry, be happy!”