Laura Henry

Homework Cafe Teacher/Mentor

Laura Henry is an artist, dancer, choreographer, NASM-certified fitness trainer, actress, teacher, motivational coach, mentor and dedicated learner.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Hofstra University with a BFA in Theater Performance. She has been in NYC ever since where she has had the privilege of dancing regionally and internationally,  performing in plays, creating her own personal training business Impact Movement NYC, and running her own non-profit dance company, Impact Movement Collective.

She hopes to instill in her students the curiosity, commitment, and desire to grow that have driven her to pursue her multi-passionate life. When she's not at Fusion, or running one of her companies, Laura can be found dancing, performing, singing, reading Shakespeare or fantasy novels, cooking, studying Ancient Greece, hiking, or relaxing in a park.

She holds steadfast to her belief that everyone has something special and unique to offer, and that connecting to that source of power is key to living a successful, joyous life. She is thrilled to be sharing that with the community at Fusion Academy.