Christian Rosado

Humanities & Spanish Teacher/Mentor

Christian is a teacher of humanities subjects including Government, US History, Ancient Civilizations, and Economics, and he also teaches Spanish. A native of the metropolitan area, he's lived in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, and London. A traveler, you can be sure he's on a trip cross-country or backpacking abroad as often as he can get away.

A new addition to the Park Ave team, Christian transferred from the Fusion Academy campus at Princeton. He took his BA at Rutgers University in Political Science alongside a foreign language proficiency track for Russian and Arabic, and his MA at King's College London in International Relations.

Christian is an avid reader and writer, and whether it is foreign policy, current events, short stories, or reading an encyclopedia for kicks, his nose is in the pages, pencil is in hand- unless he's on his beloved “fixed-gear” weaving through the roadways.