Andrew Sidi

Homework Cafe Teacher/Mentor

Andrew has worked in education his entire professional career (which is longer than he’d like to admit). He graduated from Binghamton University with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Law, which was Binghamton’s equivalent of pre-law.  However, even before he finished his degree, he knew that he wasn’t headed for law school.  He got his Master’s degree in Education at the University of Albany and taught in the Albany area for four years.

After relocating back to Long Island, he worked with a publisher on the Island, helping to develop software that was designed to replace textbooks for Middle and High School students. He loved the work and the people but missed the classroom.  A few years ago, he got back in the classroom and while tutoring as a side job, discovered how much he enjoyed working one-to-one.  He shifted his focus to work with students one-on-one full time and has never looked back.

Andrew has been very grateful for the opportunity to join the Fusion family and is already overwhelmed by the positive energy that fills the halls. He’s looking forward to bringing his own experience and passion for teaching to students.

In his spare time, Andrew reads (as do most English teachers) and rarely goes without music or a movie playing in the background. It’s probably for this reason that he can remember lyrics and movie lines even when he can’t remember his keys!