Anne Beel

Math Teacher/Mentor

Anne’s love of math as a high school student, alongside her care and compassion for young people, led her to pursue two very distinct majors in college. She received two bachelors degrees from Baylor University, one in Mathematics and one in Social Work. She also earned a certificate at The Spanish Language Institute in Costa Rica for reaching an advanced level of Spanish speaking.

Several years after graduation she and her family moved abroad, spending over twenty years living in three different countries: Costa Rica, Turkey, and Mexico. Alongside becoming more fluent in Spanish, Anne’s skills developed in social ministry through her work at her husband's organization. She also gained professional experience by teaching a wide range of upper level math courses at international schools amongst students from many different countries. These experiences have proven to grow her love of teaching and serving others. She joins Fusion Academy Malvern excited to instill a love of math in her students as well as a passion and drive towards pursuing their dreams.