Ashleigh Oberg-Porter

Math & Science Teacher/Mentor

Ashleigh joined Fusion Academy in December of 2017 as a Math/Science Teacher/Mentor. She graduated in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Liberty University. Ashleigh has nearly a decade of tutoring experience and spends most of her professional and personal time working with youth. She leads youth group activities, serves in children’s ministry and tutors family, friends, and clients on the side. When she is not teaching/tutoring, she can be found either in the great outdoors or at church. She enjoys day trips to the mountains or the beach. In addition to being an avid paddle boarder, Ashleigh grew up taking Japanese Immersion in Fairfax County’s Public School system where she became fluent in Japanese and gifted in the art of Origami. She can fold a paper crane perfectly behind her back.