William Blasingame


William feels overwhelmed with excitement to teach Social Studies at Fusion Academy. William earned his B.A. in Classical European History at San Francisco State University and continues to pursue his M.A. in American History from the University of Montana where he resided for the past two years. William was formerly a Teaching Assistant for the Department of History at the University of Montana, teaching both American and World history. Prior to discovering his passion for teaching and education, William was a multi-store retail director of operations and remains excited by the possibilities his career change presents in enriching the lives of his students. William is a life-long passionate cyclist and photographer of landscapes and human subjects. In his free time you can likely find William pouring through history books, enjoying historic photography or getting lost on his bicycle. A little known fact about William is that he collects comic books and enjoys placing their storylines in historical context relative to the period they were written, which is only a complex justification for reading comic books in the first place.