Alaine Cohen

English Teacher / Dept. Head

Alaine joined Fusion’s Woodbury family in January, 2013 as an English teacher. She earned herMaster’s degree in English Literature from The State University of New York at Albany, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. Her Master’s Thesis on The Benefits of Personal Writing as a Teaching Tool in the High School Classroom was nominated by SUNYA’s graduate English Department for Outstanding Thesis. Although Alaine began her college career as an art major, she discovered her talent and passion for teaching thanks to her classmates, who constantly sought her out for writing help. When one of her grateful friends told her she had an uncanny gift for explaining how to write terrific papers, she realized that her calling was to be an educator.

Alaine had the rewarding experience of teaching for 15 years in the very upstate New York high school where her grandmother had also taught English. In addition to classroom teaching, Alaine was the advisor for many of her students’ activities, including their award-winning art and literary magazine, their Drama Club, and their Peer Mentoring and Tolerance Training program. When her family recently relocated to Long Island, she came across Fusion in her job search and was blown away to discover a school with a mission that so closely matched her own. As an avowed Empathic Teacher, she had too often found herself frustrated by the increasingly dehumanizing trends in public education, and Fusion offered her the career alternative she had always hoped to find. For Alaine, now being a Fusionite and working in a school whose foremost goal is to nurture compassion and tolerance in their students has been no less than a dream come true.

Beyond teaching writing, Alaine has an extremely rich creative life. She has been singing alongside her accomplished guitar-player husband for almost two decades, belting out an eclectic mix of rock, blues and jazz. She is also a poet and contributing member of the New Surrealist Institute writing group. And although she changed her college major from Art to English, she has never stopped drawing and painting – the luckiest of her friends and family proudly wear her hand-painted clothing designs. Her most precious creations, however, are her remarkable young daughters, Alira and Eden. Along with her husband Rob (and three gorgeous leopard geckos named Peaches, Blaze and Aimee), Alaine’s beautiful girls provide her with endless inspiration.