Lane Chhay

Teacher/ Mentor

Lane currently teaches and mentors students in algebra, geometry, physics, and chemistry. Lane has two bachelors of Science degrees in mathematics and biology from University of Illinois at Chicago.  He also has his Master’s in Teaching Mathematics from University of Illinois at Chicago.  He has taught algebra, geometry, algebra 2 with trigonometry, chemistry, physics, biology, and Earth’s Science for 15 years at Chicago public high schools.  Lane loves to spend time with his family in his free time.  That can include family field trips, playing board games, and watching movies.  He also loves to read books, jog, karaoke, and to play basketball, tennis, volleyball, and bowling.  Another interesting fact:  Lane has recently gotten into air frying and enjoy trying to air fry new things including homemade cheese sticks, bacon rosettes, homemade chicken nuggets .  (For the record air fried bacon wrapped dates are deliciousJ) Lane is married and has 4 children (all boys).  Moreover he can joggle 3 to 4 things in the air.

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