COGx Launch Event

Thursday, April 18th
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Fusion Academy Huntington Beach
7711 Center Avenue
Suite 120
Huntington Beach, California

Fusion + COGx = Maximized Learning Ability

Fusion offers our students a unique opportunity to become independent, lifelong learners. In partnership with COGx, a research and development firm in applied cognitive science, we offer individualized programs that help students discover and apply the scientific principles that underpin successful learning while strengthening their own learning abilities through a proven methodology that improves attention, working memory, processing speed, critical thinking, and executive functioning. This ultimately expands your child’s capacity and desire to learn, promotes autonomy, and helps them with time management. The outcome is a confident and capable learner.

Join us for a night of discussion and interactive experiences! COGx founder, Javier Arguello, will walk us through this fantastic program and answers any questions you have!