Victoria Smith


Victoria doesn’t let dust settle on her.  Her love of learning takes her around the world.  Most of her 20s were spent stomping around the planet experiencing culture and taking in the scenery.

She studied Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin.  After school, she continued her studies in education which lead her to travel the world and teach English as a foreign language.  Upon returning stateside, she taught special education in the Aldine School District.  After 15 years of teaching, she started her family.  She became a stay at home mom where she continued teaching her own kids in a homeschool setting.  She has a love for learning and a passion to teach what she knows.

In her spare time she loves to sew.  She has a room in her house dedicated to her craft.  Currently, she has 9 different sewing machines, and she uses them all.  Her friends tease her and say she has a sewing machine problem.   Along with sewing, she enjoys reading and cooking.

Victoria is thrilled to be a Fusion.  Her philosophy about learning and education makes her feel at home here at Fusion.