Health, PE, and Wellness at Fusion Academy

Personalized classes for your child

Worried your child is going to spend the summer on the couch? Have them take a Health, PE or Wellness class at Fusion. These classes are one-to-one and personalized for their interests. They’ll have fun, stay active, and get credit.

Enjoy summer while still achieving academic success.

Our one-to-one summer Health, PE, and Wellness courses let students customize their schedule so they can take family vacations, sleep in, and catch up before the fall semester.

Why take Health, PE, and Wellness courses at Fusion this summer:

  • Personalized, one-to-one teaching
  • Customized summer scheduling
  • Catch up on missed credits
  • Get ahead before the school year starts
  • Avoid summer learning loss
  • Get a tough class out of the way
  • Enjoy reduced summer tuition pricing

Summer school Health, PE, and Wellness courses offered for credit:

Health Wellness Dance Yoga
Health, PE, and Wellness

Health equips student with the knowledge and skills needed to establish patterns of behavior that will prepare them in living a healthy lifestyle.

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Health, PE, and Wellness

The Fusion Wellness Program is dedicated to assisting our students develop an active process of becoming aware of, and making choices toward, a more successful existence. Using four key disciplines, Emotional Wellness, Physical Wellness, Art Expression, and Music Expression, Fusion students will develop a sense of well-being and will be capable of making healthier choices. This course is graded as pass/fail.

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Health, PE, and Wellness

This course was designed for students to learn and develop the fundamentals of dance. Students will learn how dance can be used as a means of physical fitness and will learn the various steps, positions, techniques, and skills associated with various genres of dance. Students will also learn the processes of choreography by performing and creating routines.

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Health, PE, and Wellness

This course is designed to introduce students, safely and accessibly, to the basic postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation methods of yoga. Students will begin to experience the benefits of stretching, moving, and breathing freely as they relieve built up stress, learn to relax, and ultimately get more out of day-to-day life. The aim of this course is to promote vibrant health and to tap the body’s latent energy reserves.

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