Hannah Phair

Science & Math

Hannah Phair is a science and math teacher at Fusion. She earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Science from U.C. Berkeley and her Master’s of Science in Biology from Brigham Young University. Hannah has spent seven years as a researcher working across the world in Hong Kong and China, Tahiti, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and several locations within the United States. As a biologist, her research focuses on ecosystem health, sustainability, and the effects of global climate change on communities.

Hannah shares a passion for research and also how we teach science and math to our future scientists. She has taught high school biology and earth science in Oakland, California and university-level Introductory Biology and senior level Conservation Biology courses at Brigham Young University.

Hannah enjoys hiking, plant identification, traveling, cooking, learning languages (she taught Korean classes to foreigners while living in South Korea for two years), and being curled up on the couch reading. Hannah has seen both the Northern Lights (at the Arctic Circle in Finland) and the Southern Lights (at the most southern tip of New Zealand) and loves SCUBA diving.