Yoli Joseph


Yoli joined Fusion as a history teacher and also specializes in several languages and electives, such as Japanese and anthropology. Yoli, an Evanston-native, attended traditional school and then entered the world of experiential education. She attended Long Island University’s Friends World Program during undergrad which took her to India, Japan, Thailand, and even Native American communities during her four years. She completed her Master of Arts in Comparative Religious Ethics in 2007 from one of the theological schools affiliated with the University of Chicago (Meadville-Lombard Theological School). Yoli has a penchant for languages having studied eleven to date and put her cross-cultural skills to work leading academic and adventure-based study abroad programs in Asia (India, Nepal, Thailand, and Cambodia) and the Middle East (Jordan and Israel) for over ten years.

She is also a serious student of yoga, meditation and healing arts now entering her seventeenth year teaching and creating transformational learning experiences.  Yoli has been a performer since her childhood in theater and music and currently plays Brazilian percussion in an orchestra and numerous other percussive instruments.  She loves to play, you might find her upside down doing acro-yoga or circus-yoga, juggling scarves or practicing her next karaoke hit.