Mike Phelan


Mike loves looking for patterns in the world, whether that means applying mathematical ideas to real life problems, puzzling out regularities in the chaos of language, or finding interesting moves on a chess board. At Fusion Mike teaches all levels of math and lots of kinds of science.

Mike earned his B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Cincinnati and moved to New Jersey to join Teach For America, working with 9th and 10th graders in algebra and geometry. He completed his Master’s degree and PhD coursework in linguistics at The Ohio State University, doing research on the way we talk about math problems. He loved getting to teach classes on code breaking, language in advertising, and psycholinguistics - the way our brains process language. Mike is excited to bring all of these topics and more to his Fusion students!

Outside of the classroom, Mike loves baking, unusual games of all sorts, good science fiction, and spending time outdoors. His two small boys keep him constantly on his toes. He is currently 41.2% of the way through a lifelong goal of visiting every county in the USA.