Lauren Leeber


Lauren is a middle school and high school Science teacher/mentor at Fusion Academy. She attended Lake Forest College where she made acquiring minors a hobby. A liberal arts education gave Lauren the unique ability to study Biology, Chemistry, Studio Art, Art History, Psychology, Economics, Neuroscience, Photography (Darkroom and Digital), Biochemistry, Education, French, and Anthropology. Lauren was overjoyed to discover that at Fusion all of her hard earned tuition would not go to waste and she could pursue these passions with students.

In her free time Lauren works as a neon bending apprentice at a shop in Chicago. She has two cats both who are named after famous musicians Sonny (Sonny Rawlins) and Bowie (David Bowie). She grows over 20 different varieties of cacti and succulents in her home, though her favorite plant is Mimosa pudica. Even though she has a B.A. in Biology Lauren has always been an avid reader and loves classic literature and non-fiction books about statistics and science. Her strengths lie in individualization and ideation which makes Fusion the perfect fit!