English at Fusion Academy

Personalized classes for your child

With a classroom of just one student and one teacher, students get to be an active participant in choosing books to read, which is a barrier for many students in traditional English classes. If your student needs to retake a class or wants to spend the summer honing their writing craft, Fusion has an English class just for them.

Enjoy summer while still achieving academic success.

Our one-to-one summer English courses let students customize their schedule so they can take family vacations, sleep in, and catch up before the fall semester.

Why take english courses at Fusion this summer:

  • Personalized, one-to-one teaching
  • Customized summer scheduling
  • Catch up on missed credits
  • Get ahead before the school year starts
  • Avoid summer learning loss
  • Get a tough class out of the way
  • Enjoy reduced summer tuition pricing

Summer school english courses offered for credit:

English 9-12 Creative Writing Poetry Screenwriting
English 9-12

Students develop foundational skills in speaking, listening and academic research while developing and honing reading comprehension and language usage skills. * English 10 students continue to develop literacy-related skills including: speaking and listening, academic research, higher-order reading comprehension, language usage, writing and rhetorical literary analysis, and critical thinking through the reading and analysis of various works of literature and multiple short- and extended-length writing assignments. * Students hone their emerging comprehension, analysis, and writing skills through a study of literature while incorporating a variety of writing styles including creative writing and personal essays. * English 12 students achieve mastery of the skills related to listening and speaking, academic research, higher-order reading comprehension, language usage and writing, literary analysis, and critical thinking. Students study classical literature and modern works. Students engage in the cycle of writing, workshopping, and revising required of writers in order to produce polished final works.

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Creative Writing

Students tap into their own creativity and experience the joys of writing original text. Participants explore various forms of writing, such as short story, poetry, drama, narrative and biography, while delving into the common themes of humanity and various truths of human nature. Students experience the recursive nature of writing and painlessly build skills in the conventions and tools of traditional English grammar and sentence structure that will strengthen them in all their future writing tasks.

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Students participate in close readings of selected poems from multiple genres. By examining the work of a diverse group of poets, students develop methods of critiquing while reinforcing understanding of poetic devices. Substantial time is spent analyzing poetry as well as using poetic devices in their own writing.

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Screenwriting provides writers the opportunity to develop a short script or the first act of a feature length screenplay while increasing use and knowledge of individual voice, three-act structure, Hero’s Journey steps, and screenwriting technical skills. Students will focus on dialogue writing, tone, creating character, mood, and conflict, and creating a story arc that encompasses elements of a plot line.

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