Faith Linehan


Faith grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. She attended John Brown University in Arkansas and completed her undergraduate degree in History in three years. During her time at JBU she studied abroad in Belfast, Northern Ireland for a semester, and during her senior year the study abroad program director at her school encouraged her to apply for a Master’s program at Queen’s University Belfast. She was accepted and moved to Belfast to complete an MA in Irish History. Faith had never heard of Fusion until 2018 when her friend sent her a job description for history teacher at the Dallas location, and after investigating Fusion’s mission statement on their website she knew she had to apply there.

In her free time Faith enjoys researching random topics, reading biographies and historical fiction novels, discovering new music, watching old movies and musicals, playing with her dog, baking, knitting, and just generally being an 80 year old. She also loves going on trips around the country (and around the globe when possible) because of the adventurous spirit her parents instilled in her through family vacations. It is not uncommon for her to have entire conversations with her family using only movie quotes.

Fun Fact: Faith can pop her hip out of joint and used that skill to freak out her grandma as a kid.