Devin Seth


Devin was born in Redding California and while spending most of his formative years there did live for a year and a half in Dallas. After completing Associates degrees in Physical, Natural and Social Sciences Devin moved to Nashville, Tennessee. While in Nashville he got married and  had three kids, putting his academic studies on hold as he helped raise his family. During several years of going back and forth between California and Tennessee Devin completed his Bachelor’s degree in Social Science and started a Masters in Engineering Technology. It was during this time that Devin realized his true love was teaching science and he began teaching biology and physical sciences back in California. Just this summer Devin moved back to Texas and has found a Home at Fusion Academy.

Devin loves to travel and has been to Mexico, Canada, England, Uganda, Kenya and the Philippines in his travels. Ever the fun loving person he has varied interests in everything from collecting insects,   a whale stamp collection to having taken courses in how to be a clown as well as playing Dungeons and dragons. He is a proud self-described nerd who loves dad jokes and science related puns. He feels that his wide variety of interests as well as his real world experience working in several different fields helps him to relate better to his students and give them a different perspective from a teacher than others. He is excite to be at Fusion and can’t wait to help instill a love of science in your students.