Debra Porter


At the University of Tulsa, Debra Porter starred as Dido in the opera Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell while earning her Bachelor of Music degree. At the University of Oklahoma in Norman, she earned a Master of Education degree.

As an educator, Debra led primary grade students to win numerous awards at science fairs and special assemblies in a Dallas school before being promoted there to a Literacy Coach position, and instructing teachers in the use of best practices to scaffold students' reading success. Additionally, she served as a pre-K through twelfth-grade literacy consultant at the same school.

During a tenure with the Dallas Public Library, Debra served as a community and school liaison: she partnered with principals, teachers and PTAs to produce educational programs. At library branches, she taught English as a Second Language to Spanish-speaking children and families, and coordinated popular teen creative writing and video battle competitions. A highlight of her library days was a TV appearance with Clarice Tinsley of Fox 4 News to promote the countless benefits of literacy and education.

Eager to learn about academia in collegiate settings, Debra redirected her educational passion and took on the challenge of coordinating administrative operations for a premier university neuroscience research lab. Her department’s scientists used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), and electroencephologram (EEG) studies to understand the encoding and retrieval processes of memory.

Debra started her career at Fusion as an English teacher. Now, she offers additional courses: Vocal Music, Basic Piano Instruction, and Screenwriting.

In pursuit of personal music-related dreams, Debra is learning to produce and direct multimedia videos. "I am a zealous novice," she stated, "but I am determined to become a veteran with an impressive body of work."