Cherry Hotz

Director of First Impressions

Born and raised in Western Colorado, Cherry truly is a small town girl. She received her B.A. in International Marketing from Colorado Mesa University in 2012. In her junior year of college she began working for a property management company. She worked her way up from part time to full time, and worked many roles in her five years there. Cherry owned her position as an Administrative Assistant, but felt something was missing. Earlier in the year of 2017, she decided she wanted to help with the growth and development of young adults but wasn't sure how.

After living her entire life in the same town, she suddenly decided to give up her humble roots for “big city living” and a change of pace. She moved to Texas earlier this year and found what was missing for her, being a new addition to the Fusion team. Making a connection with another Fusionite, she found a home here in Dallas and a job she adores. Her passion for helping young adults and dedication to them is a perfect fit for her and her role as Director or First Impressions at Fusion Dallas.

In her free time, Cherry enjoys being active and social. She loves being outside, traveling, exercising, shopping, and diving into a new book by some cool water. Her fondness of adventure and fun shows by exploring restaurants, museums, concerts, and familiarizing herself in any setting. What she loves most is being around loved ones and making people smile.

She feels truly blessed to have found a new home here in Dallas and with the Fusion team.

A favorite quote of hers: “The main hope in our nation lies in the proper education of its youth” -Erasmus