Fusion Academy English classes are offered at various levels depending on each student’s goals and needs.

Use this key while exploring our English curriculum:

High SchoolMiddle School

High School English Courses

English 9

Students develop foundational skills in speaking, listening, and academic research while developing and honing reading comprehension and language usage skills.

311 2 Semesters
e p h

English 10

English 10 students continue to develop literacy-related skills including: speaking and listening, academic research, higher-order reading comprehension, language usage, and written and rhetorical literary analysis. Students exercise critical thinking through the reading and analysis of various works of literature and multiple short- and extended-length writing assignments.

312 2 Semesters
e p h

English 11

Students hone their emerging comprehension, analysis, and writing skills through a study of literature while incorporating a variety of writing styles including creative writing and personal essays.

313 2 Semesters
e p h

English 12

English 12 students achieve mastery of the skills related to listening and speaking, academic research, higher-order reading comprehension, language usage and writing, literary analysis, and critical thinking. Students study classical literature and modern works. Students engage in the cycle of writing, workshopping, and revising required of writers in order to produce polished final works.

314 2 Semesters
e p h

Middle School English Courses

MS English 6

English 6 students develop skills in reading, literary analysis, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and writing. While the focus of English 6 will be on expository texts, students will also read short stories, novels, mythology, drama, and poetry.

306 2 Semesters
e p

MS English 7

English 7 students focus on grammar, literature, and spelling. Vocabulary will be taught using an integrated approach. Literature includes short stories, nonfiction, the novel, mythology, folk tales, drama, and poetry. Grammar units will include parts of speech, parts of a sentence, kinds of sentences, fragments, run-ons, subject-verb agreement, verb usage, comparison of adjectives and adverbs, and essay writing in the four writing modes.

307 2 Semesters
e p

MS English 8

8th grade English primarily emphasizes the careful reading and analysis of literature from various literary genres. Students also gain further experience in narrative, descriptive, and essay writing. Students continue to develop their vocabulary and refine their understanding and use of formal English grammar and mechanics.

308 2 Semesters
e p

MS Language Arts 6

This course coincides with English 6. Students are introduced to a variety of writing styles and practice composing their own informative, narrative, and argumentative texts to demonstrate a strong understanding of English conventions and language devices. Poetry will also be a focus as students will engage in creative expression through a variety of poetic styles. Students’ writing will be further supported by grammar studies.

306L 2 Semesters
e p

MS Language Arts 7

This course is a continuation of MS Language Arts 6 and coincides with English 7. The purpose of this course is to provide instruction and practice in grammar, spelling, and writing related to language arts, reading, and writing. In Language Arts, students continue to develop an appreciation of spoken and written language, expand their use of descriptive words and complex sentences, as well as their choices of modes of writing. Students use oral language, written language, and media and technology for expressive, informational, argumentative, critical, and literary purposes. Students use the stages of the writing process to write clear, coherent compositions that apply and further develop their knowledge of the grammatical rules and standards of the English language.

307L 2 Semesters
e p

MS Language Arts 8

This course is a continuation of MS Language Arts 7 and coincides with English 8. Students will continue to explore various types of writing styles, including informative, narrative, and argumentative, in addition to creative writing through poetry. A focus will be on vocabulary development and the use of formal conventions of communicating. Grammar studies will support the development of students’ command of the English language.

308L 2 Semesters
e p

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