Integrated Math 3 Honors

Integrated Math 3 Honors is the third and final course in a 3 year series that integrates algebra, geometry, and statistics topics in the context of real world applications, while constantly deepening numerical manipulation and reasoning skills. The student deepens understanding of data analysis, including standard deviation and different types of samples and surveys. Algebraic concepts include linear equations and inequalities, quadratics, polynomial functions, and modeling. Here, students will find analyze function notation, more complex systems of equations, and applications of the binomial theorem. Special emphasis is placed on concepts such as relative maxima and minima in rational expressions and functions, additionally using matrices to solve systems of equations, and in depth analysis of complex numbers. The student then goes into more depth on radical expressions and functions, and moves on to exponential and logarithmic functions. Honors students will be focusing on creating equations to solve rate or joint variation problems. Students return to trigonometric functions, including inverses and identities, and periodic nature; honors students will apply their skills on trigonometric proofs, using inverse and reciprocal functions in order to solve or simplify expressions, and extending their skills on non-right triangles. The students will next study patterns and learn both arithmetic and geometric sequences and series concurrently, including infinite series and mathematical induction. Honors students will focus on proving relationships between tangent lines and figures on the coordinate plane and increase their abilities to solve real world problems by concurrently using polygons and algebra.

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