Integrated Math 2

Integrated Math 2 is the second course in a 3 year series that integrates algebra and geometry topics in the context of real world applications, while constantly deepening numerical manipulation and reasoning skills. While still integrating the three topics of algebra, geometry, and statistics, this second year leans more on traditional geometric topics, such as congruence and properties of shapes polygons. Students study lines, angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, and right angle-triangles with an introduction to trigonometry. While learning the properties of shapes, they will build on their skills of conditional statements and deductive reasoning, and learn about indirect proofs. Emphasis will be placed on similarity, strengthening the student’s ability to use proportions and ratios. Students study circles and the many types of lines that can interact with and within a circle, and surface area and volume of 2D and 3D shapes. Deeper algebraic topics, including exponents, polynomials and factoring, and quadratic functions and included, and emphasis is placed on application and modeling of these functions The final unit on probability will also be introductory in nature, intended to be enough background to prepare the student for data analysis in Integrated Math 3. The student will cover permutations and combinations, randomness, probability distributions, and frequency tables.

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