Integrated Math 1 Honors

Integrated Math I Honors is the first course in a 3 year series that integrates algebra and geometry topics in the context of real world applications, while constantly deepening numerical manipulation and reasoning skills. In this first year, students focus on manipulation of numbers and variables; they will practice using appropriate operations to simplify and rewrite expression and equations. Equations will be used to model real-world situations, and students will learn how one variable, or input, can affect another variable, or output, as well as how to use equations to make predictions. Students will study different types of relationships, such as inverse and direct relations, ratios and proportions, unit conversions, slope of a line, percents, and exponents, and will learn to formalize these relationships as functions and as sequences, where appropriate. Students also will study these relationships graphically, focusing on comparing and analyzing key points and characteristics of lines and graphs, such as slope and intersections. Students deepen their understanding of shapes through the study of perimeter, area, and transformation of different polygons. They see how polygons can be built from triangles and use the Pythagorean Theorem along with special right triangles. Finally, students build on prior experiences with data and statistics, studying central tendency, standard deviation, and regression techniques; students will learn to analyze data and choose appropriate methods of analysis and draw well-reasoned conclusions. The honors class places greater emphasis on derivation of formulas and theorems and creative application than the non-honors equivalent. This course also goes deeper into compound inequalities, absolute value functions, proofs, and properties of exponents and radicals.

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