Calculus Honors

This is a high school calculus course that introduces students to basic fundaments of calculus, including the definition of a limit, a derivative, and integral. The course is focused on both computational fluency and application, to develop and deepen an appreciation of mathematics. Students are not expected to memorize most formulas, but are expected to analyze equations, such as formal definition of a limit, and to apply formulas correctly, such as integrals and derivatives of linear functions, polynomials, logarithms, fractions, etc. In application, they will explore the concept of optimization, identifying knowns and unknowns, manipulating variables and equations, and ultimately interpreting the solution. Students will study complex computations and applications of integration, including u-substitutions, motion, and volume. Honors students will have the options to study additional topics found on the BC exam, such as Taylor and Maclaurin Series, however this course is not intended to prepare for the AP exam alone.

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