The Fusion Summer Difference

Our one-to-one summer courses let students customize their schedule so they can take family vacations, sleep in, and catch up before the fall semester.

Customized Summer Scheduling

Typical summer programs have a rigid schedule. We work around vacation time or activities with friends and family to customize the program to best fit your family’s needs.

Personalized One-to-One Teaching

Many summer programs are large groups or full classes. All of our programs are one-to-one and personalized to help your child succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.

Exploring New Passions

Fusion offers fun electives like music, art, tech, and yoga for students to explore new passions. These classes are a great way for students to do something creative this summer.

Going Virtual

Planning on traveling this summer? Students can attend all classes and programs with live, one-to-one virtual teaching from anywhere in the world.

We customize learning so students can still enjoy
the summer while achieving academic success.

Typical summer programs have a rigid schedule. At Fusion, families can customize their schedules to work around vacation time or activities with friends and family. We work together to customize each one-to-one program to best fit the needs of your family.

Classes for Credit

Worried your child isn’t going to graduate on time? They can retake courses at Fusion with classes for credit at our special summer pricing. All classes are taught one-to-one and personalized for the student to achieve academic, social, and emotional success.

  • Enjoy reduced summer seasonal tuition pricing
  • Catch up on missed credits
  • Get ahead before next semester
  • Avoid summer learning loss

Tutoring Packages

Get the support your child needs for any core classes or subjects. Summer is a great time to prepare for the coming school year and improve skills for success. Students can take packages in areas like math skill building and data analysis, reading and writing, or executive functioning.

  • Fill learning gaps
  • Preview next year’s material
  • Learn new study strategies
  • Customized scheduling

Test Prep & PSC

Prepare your child for the PSAT, SAT, or ACT with one-to-one test prep at Fusion. You can also plan with a PSC to explore, research, and prepare for post-secondary options for your student.

  • Get one-to-one test prep instructions
  • Practice tests
  • Prep for PSAT, SAT, and ACT

Have fun and create passion projects
in music, art, tech, and wellness.

Your student can also explore new passions this summer with a wide variety of subjects and courses. We encourage our students to explore their creativity in a one-to-one setting.


At Fusion, we heavily invest in our arts programming. Every campus features a state-of-the-art recording studio along with a full mixed media art studio where students are able to explore their passions and build their portfolios.


Record and play in our recording arts studio on campus. Students get one-to-one instruction with a music teacher as they learn to play instruments, explore new genres of music, or learn to work audio recording software.


Expand your child’s tech skills this summer as they explore new and exciting technology with one-to-one instruction. They can create, build, and design on campus with courses personalized just for them. It’s great for students who love technology and want to get under the hood with cutting edge equipment.


Students can spend the summer getting physical exercise and mental wellness as they work one-to-one with an instructor. Not only is it great for their physical health, but it can help them reset and focus on the coming school year by helping to reduce anxiety and stress.

Explore More

We offer over 250+ courses, so you can customize your child’s summer and allow them to explore exciting new passions and areas of study. We also offer virtual, so if there’s a course your child wants to take from home or while on vacation, we can customize it just for them.

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Take Fusion courses live, one-to-one from home or while on vacation!

Students can take our complete middle and high school course offerings from anywhere in the world with our virtual program. They can take classes for credit, tutoring, test prep, and more, all from the comfort of their home. This is also perfect for attending classes and working on course work while on vacation or traveling during the summer.

Live, One-to-One Instruction

Take advantage of individualized master-based online sessions with Fusion teachers.

Customized Scheduling

Create a weekly schedule that works for your family this summer.

Personalized Approach

Engage in courses specifically customized to meet your child’s interests and needs.

Get our 20% off summer pricing on classes for credit and special summer pricing on tutoring, test prep, and PSC packages and programs.

These prices are for classes and programs starting dates between May 15th, 2020 and August 1st, 2020.

Summer Classes for Credit:

Retake a course or catch up with one-to-one teaching.
Session Count:
Price Per Semester*
25 one-to-one class sessions
$2,200 - $3,500 per semester
30 one-to-one class sessions
$2,640 - $3,900 per semester

*Prices vary by location

Summer Tutoring and Mentoring Packages:

Get ahead and improve learning skills.
Price Per Package
10 one-to-one tutoring sessions
20 one-to-one tutoring sessions
40 one-to-one tutoring sessions

Summer Test Prep Programs:

Take practice tests and develop strong study habits.
Price Per Program
20 one-to-one test prep sessions (ACT or SAT)
30 one-to-one test prep sessions (ACT or SAT)
40 one-to-one test prep sessions (ACT or SAT)

Summer Post-Secondary Counseling Package:

Prepare for life after high school with college counseling.
Package Details:
25 one-to-one post-secondary counseling sessions & 20 hours of post-secondary support services

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