Rachel Wolford


Rachel came to Fusion fresh out of her masters program, ready to empower the youth and make a positive impact on their lives. Her mission is to make each student feel wanted, welcome, worthy, and powerful. This, however, was not always Rachel’s passion in life. Originally she wanted to be an architect, but things shift as the years went on.

Rachel was raised as an only child a majority of her life. Things were pretty normal for her until one day, Rachel’s entire world was flipped upside down. That was the day her sister was born. She was 15 years old and was used to living life a particular way. Now she had responsibilities, she was relied on, she had to be a role model, a sister, a protector, a teacher, a student, and a second mother to a little peanut. Rachel developed her passion for children, teaching, and leadership through this experience and those years to follow.

Once off to college, Rachel was dead set on becoming an architect. She received her Undergraduate degree in Architecture and a Master’s degree in Geodesign, with a concentration on Sustainable Design (2d and 3d mapping, research, and analysis). While in school, Rachel excelled in math, technology, and design. She received many leadership and art + design awards, as well as participated in various extracurricular activities. She was the Campus Activities Board President, a peer mentor, part of the Student Leadership Team, as well as many other clubs. On the side she worked as a Nanny for several families and volunteered at several inner city schools in Philadelphia, PA. The pull to teach and mentor lingered through Rachel’s college career.

Post-graduation things changed. Rachel strived to find something that met her many passions, beyond her interest in design and technology. She volunteered at a Middle School in Montgomery County, MD, while on the hunt for a job that would leave her overflowing with gratitude and fulfillment. She discovered through the years that she had a calling for teaching, mentorship, creativity, and learning. She needed something that would allow her to be creative, logical, and mathematical. She strived to find something that would allow her to use her design and technology skills as well, as her skills with children. She needed something that would allow her to work with children and make a positive impact on their lives. And thus, bringing her to Fusion.

When Rachel is not in the classroom she enjoys volunteering, playing softball, focusing on her health and fitness business, trying new things, painting, and empowering others to find their passions and run with them. Rachel strives to create the best version of herself and hopes to positively empower everyone she comes in contact with.