Mike Williams


During Mike’s six-year high school teaching career students have voted him “Coolest” Teacher three times, Best English Teacher twice, “Above and Beyond” Teacher of the Year, MLK Humanitarian, and despite a total lack of scalp hair, students voted to award him with the “Best Hair” superlative in the yearbook. Mike is a state champion basketball coach and player from Marietta, GA. He loves teaching literature, language, and history, and he views education as an opportunity for student-centered exploration and inquiry—the classroom is a chance for young people to connect their learning to the world and to solve enduring problems that adults have failed to solve or (in some cases) have made worse. He believes that learning is only valuable if it offers students with an opportunity to discover or create something new and exciting for themselves or for others.

Mike has a Bachelor’s in English and a Master’s in Educational Leadership. He has recently published a chapter in a linguistics pedagogy book and is periodically a guest lecturer on the topics of race, social justice, linguistics, and radical, democratic pedagogy.

When Mike is not in the classroom, he enjoys spending time with his baby boy, baking, hiking, playing video games, and going to the movies. Mike is excited to build new relationships in this new Fusion family here in Columbia.