Kendall Concini

Director of Student Development

Kendall is enthusiastic to work with students and families as the Director of Student Development. Knowing every adventure requires a first step, she is ready to help ensure their steps within Fusion create a dynamic experience.

Kendall earned her Master’s in Applied Anthropology, from University of Maryland-College Park, focused on Evaluation Anthropology and Urban Planning. She started her career as a consultant, working in community-based non-profits, to enhance program development. Fostering organizational planning, implementation, and outreach efforts, she eventually found her way into the world of education; applying her expertise to student management. She fell in love with counseling students to achieve their full potential. Recently, Kendall worked in a Cognitive Rehabilitation program with individuals at some of the toughest times in their lives, using education to accomplish personal goals.

Outside of her career, Kendall is an avid adventurer; as well as a gym rat, volleyball star, and hiking explorer. She has her lazy days, though, where she sits on her patio reading and grilling. She also spends a large amount of time focused on her dogs Unk and Momo; including involving them in themed board game nights and photoshoots.

Moving to Fusion, she strives to continue enhancing the lives of students every single day, as she looks forward to Fusion’s unique customizable setting.