Elena Ibáñez Trilles

Master Teacher

Elena is excited to transmit her knowledge and experience to Fusion Academy! She teaches Spanish at our School. She was born and raised in a bilingual region of Spain so she grows up as a bilingual in Spanish and Catalan. She moved here in 2013 after finishing her Master’s in Education and Communication from Valladolid University. Being bilingual and having studied English thru all her elementary and high school education; she has a special interest in languages and passion for teach them. She has taught and tutored English (besides other subjects) for 4 years in Spain and started teaching Spanish when she got to the US while working in a Spanish immersion school. She has worked in all kind of contexts: large groups, one-on-one, kids with disabilities, social problems and learning difficulties.

Beside her love for languages and cultures, Elena enjoys outside activities such as rock-climbing, hiking, swimming and dancing. When she needs some relax (that is very often) she enjoys lying down under the sun with a good fantasy book on her hands. Also, she has always her backpack ready to go discover new places around the world.