Philip Jenks


Philip Jenks was born in North Carolina and grew up in West Virginia. He loves teaching. He teaches US History, Government, Early U.S. History, and World History. He is also versed in teaching English and Creative Writing. Philip earned his BA from Reed College in Political Science, his MA in Creative Writing from Boston University, and his PhD in Political Science from University of Kentucky. He has taught at Portland State as well as a range of universities and colleges throughout Chicagoland. His focus in Political Science is decidedly historical in methods and approach. He is deeply committed to student well-being as a critical component of education.
Philip loves to walk and is dedicated to meditation. He also thoroughly enjoys film, the splendor of nature, and the company of others. He is an avid reader and writer. He has written four books of poetry and enjoys reading poetry throughout the country. His favorite poet is Emily Dickinson. He is deeply committed to his partner and his family. He is delighted by the company of his cats. He also drums and has played in several bands during his lifetime.