Matthew Pechanio


Matthew Pechanio, new to Fusion as of June 2018, was born and raised in Elmhurst IL, and he has never left! He earned his bachelors at NIU and a Masters at Trinity International University. Prior to coming to Fusion Matthew taught high school for nine years at Timothy Christian in Elmhurst and then spent another eight years in various leadership, teaching, public speaking and care giving positions.

Matthew is excited about the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the students at Fusion. As a teacher-mentor in the humanities (English, history, social sciences, health and fitness to name a few) he brings excitement and enthusiasm along with a commitment to provide a quality educational experience. His desire to care for the whole person and nurture students is what energizes Matthew.

In his free time Matthew enjoys fitness, especially running, and the out of doors. He enjoys cooking, baking and brewing and makes time to work with retired racing greyhounds. Be sure to ask him about his time in India and his experience as a volunteer in the DuPage County Jail (let us stress, VOLUNTEER, not inmate!)