Christelle Liviero Aracena

Spanish Teacher/Mentor

Christelle is a Spanish teacher here at Fusion. She also teaches Art, Film & Media and Community Minds. She regularly hosts weekly student activities like the Music Video and Movie Monday, the Video Game day and the East Asian Pop Culture Club.

Christelle was born and raised in Argentina until she was 13, then moved to Spain, where she lived until 2016, when she moved to the US. She is holds dual Argentine-Spanish citizenship.

She loves linguistics, learning about world history and culture, and she earned a bachelor’s degree in English Philology with a minor in Applied Linguistics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She trained as a teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language at the International House in Barcelona and is currently working on her Masters in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. She has worked as a language teacher and tutor for almost 10 years in language schools in Spain and Chicago.

Aside from teaching activities, Christelle is also a freelance illustrator who creates eccentric and quirky art for all ages.

Christelle is an avid tea drinker and spends most of her time exploring cafes, touring thrift stores in search of records, books or history graphic novels, or at home, playing video games and watching movies while eating bags of kettle cooked potato chips.