Gary Fujino

Humanities & Japanese Teacher/Mentor

Gary grew up with a passion for the humanities so teaching Japanese, as well as history and English, at the Chicago-Lake Forest campus allows him to exercise some of that love.  He has a bachelor’s of fine art in theatre from the University of Utah, as well as a master’s of theology from Dallas Seminary and an intercultural studies degree from Trinity International University in Deerfield.  Gary loves to connect with people, especially in the classroom.  He taught Japanese in the Dallas area public school system and has also taught English as a Second Language cross-culturally in Japan.

Gary uses his off days to see movies and hang with friends.  Tex-Mex, sushi and Italian are among his favorite foods.  He learned to appreciate rap, hip hop and EDM through his children and likes just about any other kind of music, except country.  Gary grew up in Canada so he loves hockey.  He is a rabid Blackhawks fan.  Gary’s went to the 2015 victory parade and was within spitting distance of Coach Q but he missed.  Fusion has been a wonderful experience for Gary and he looks forward to getting to know a lot more students!