AmyLee Kinder

Assistant Director

AmyLee is the Interim Assistant Director at the Chicago – Lake Forest campus.  She is excited about the new opportunity and ready to share her passion for leading a successful team of teachers and students. She believes that each child deserves a well-rounded experience of support as they are growing and preparing for their future. She was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri and obtained a B.S. in Math education from Central Missouri State University.

AmyLee was previously the Director of The Homework Café at the Lake Forest campus which provided her a strong foundation with all established relationships. She has been truly blessed during the past two years of experience at Lake Forest and feels very much at home with Fusion! She has 8 years of experience teaching in public schools and alternative education environments.  She previously moved to Chicago from Phoenix, Arizona where she was the lead departmental math teacher and varsity coach.  She started tutoring student-athletes while attending college, and has continued to independently tutor students of all ages outside of school hours.

AmyLee enjoys bonding with her family and two pitbulls in her free time.  As a former competitive athlete for 16 years, she enjoys staying active as well.