Kwan Cheung


While Kwan was in high school, he had a negative feeling towards math because it was nothing interesting except homework, tests, and exams. Math consists of except numbers and symbols which, when look afar, resembles much like a skeleton. What changed Kwan was when he was an engineering student, he discovered math is a language totally capable of expressions. But more than that, math is totally pictorial. Every expression is a picture. Likewise, every picture is an expression. His slogan is: If you see math, you know math.

Kwan’s experience encompasses teaching, engineering and IT. In engineering and IT, he worked with multiple startup high tech companies, requiring great flexibilities and innovations towards solving problems. In every one of them, math is the conceptual and computational tool. Being a math teacher, mentor, and tutor, he adopts the same approach to arouse his students’ interest in math, leads them towards seeing the picture, and at the end, able to solve with ease the problem altogether -- a fusion approach.

Kwan is a graduate of the University of Washington at Seattle.