Heather Thomas


Heather started her career as a Speech Language Specialist. She worked mainly with the autism and multiply disabled population. In this position Heather gained invaluable knowledge of not only how to create effective and appropriate goals and objectives, but also of the laws and regulations that go into the creation of an IEP. She then moved into a more hands on, behavioral path. Heather worked as a Clinical Associate at a residential behavioral stabilization unit for children. This really opened her eyes and helped further her education and passion in the behavioral field. Heather spent the last 3 years working with a specialized learning center that works with children who have difficulties in their social, behavioral, and learning development. She was the Program Director which allowed her to assess each child individually and design a program that would effectively target the root causes of their issues. This is where she found a huge passion for not only working with the individual child but working with the parents to help them understand and work with their child on a different level. Lastly, Heather also accompanies parents to their school to help them work with the district in the best interest of the child.