Marisa Rovereto



Missy is a Math Teacher here at Fusion Westchester. She has been involved in education ever since her graduation from Marist College in 2015 where she received her Bachelor's in Adolescent Education in Mathematics.


After graduating, Missy worked in her hometown school district as everything from a tutor, to a substitute, to a high school summer school teacher, to a Math Intervention Specialist. In 2018 she moved to Westchester and began working at Croton Harmon High School teaching Algebra 1 and Geometry where she stayed for two years.
Every experience Missy has had, she welcomed with open arms, and joining Fusion has been no different. Everything she does in life she does with a positive outlook and knows that every day she is learning something new and helping others learn something new too.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Taking photos of her cat, Houdini, while he sleeps in all sorts of seemingly uncomfortable positions
  • Binge watching Netflix shows- Friends, Great British Bake Off, Shameless to name a few
  • Baking enthusiast with a weakness for any recipe that mentions the word chocolate